Market study for multicore software development tools featuring JProfiler

The Fraunhofer IAO has published a study on multi-core software development tools that features JProfiler.

The study can be viewed free of charge, but requires a registration for download. The abstract of the study is as follows:

To unlock the performance potentials of current processors, software has to be adapted for execution on multiple cores; it has to be parallelized. This requires the identification of parts that can run concurrently, adaptation of these parts, testing of the changes for correctness and the coordination of the concurrently running parts with regard to performance and scalability.

In this study Fraunhofer IAO characterizes the challenges of software development for multicore processors and presents tools that assist in the process. Profilers reveal parallelizable parts, programming languages and libraries help with the correct introduction of parallelism, debuggers show errors during parallel execution and tuners help achieving maximum parallel performance.

JProfiler’s extensive support for locking analysis introduced in 6.0 is an important tool for this kinds of analysis.