Development Sneak Peek: Dark Mode and HiDPI

A system-wide dark mode is coming to both macOS and Windows. That’s why we’re working on a dark mode for JProfiler as well. Based on the excellent Darcula Look and Feel from our friends at JetBrains, JProfiler will soon fit into this new world of dark background colors:



Moreover, support for fractional HiDPI is coming for Windows. If you are using a 4K monitor, you will be happy to hear that the blurry upscaled UI will be a thing of the past. This is not only true for dark mode: We will also be using the light look and feel from IntelliJ IDEA together with the JetBrains Runtime in order to provide the best experience for high screen resolutions. The light mode will be the new default look and feel for JProfiler.




    Would be nice to get High DPI support for Linux. Its very hard to see much of the JProfiler UI on a High DPI display in its current incarnation.

      Ingo Kegel

      This depends on when the JetBrains Runtime will have JRE-managed HiDPI on Linux which should be quite soon. Then we will include such a JRE bundle in the Linux media files.

    Marcus Fihlon

    You can set the environment variable “GDK_SCALE=2” to scale the UI. It might not be the sharpest Ui ever, but at least it is usable again.


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