Analyzing specific parts of the call tree

This screen cast shows how the “Set root” action is used to analyze a specific part of your code. The “Set root” action in the call tree view is used to select the call stack of interest. The hot spot view and the call graph then only show data for the selected part of the call tree.

    Roman Vottner

    In the call tree is there a way to show how much time was spent while executing the method on which sub-routines grouped by custom aggregator values? I.e. I want to know how much of the execution time is spent in logging related stuff (slf4j, logback, log4j, …) or how much time is actually spent on some monitoring code (newrelic, jmx, …) or the actual business logic. Sure I can go through each sub-routine and calculate these values manually, though this is a bit tedious.


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