JProfiler’s integration into IntelliJ IDEA

This screencast shows the JProfiler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. A run configuration is profiled, source code navigation is discussed and the call graph data display in the IDE is shown.

    clr meno

    I am trying to run JProfiler for grails application. Could you help with the following:
    1) Since I don't have an explicit class with main() method in grails application, I am assuming Attaching to a running JVM is my only option. Is that true? Is there a way I could attach JProfiler before the grails application starts?
    2) After attaching to a running JVM, what does JProfiler need inorder to profile the controller/service/src/domain files. Do I have to execute the test cases. In my case they are rest controllers so do I have to run the requests for all possible scenarios?
    3) Is it possible to have the Jprofiler profile the code without me running the test cases, since I may not be able cover all scenario's?


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