JProfiler Help

Custom Help

If you have an internal website that provides additional guidance for users, you can add an extra help button to the toolbar and the "Help" menu. To do that, add the following properties to the .vmoptions file: internal help

All three properties have to be defined to make the action visible in the UI. The property is the text that is displayed in the toolbar. It should be concise and a second line can be added with a # separator as in the example above.

The location of the .vmoptions file is under <JProfiler installation directory>/bin/jprofiler.vmoptions on Windows and Linux and /Applications/ on macOS. In addition, there are user-writable locations under %USERPROFILE%\.jprofiler14\jprofiler.vmoptions on Windows, $HOME/.jprofiler14/jprofiler.vmoptions on Linux and $HOME/Library/Preferences/jprofiler.vmoptions on macOS.