"I talked to a bunch of the guys in our company both in India and USA about Java profilers and across the board JProfiler was consistently cited as *the* best. I also did a feature breakdown vs. Yourkit, RSA, and VisualVM, and JProfiler was clearly the winner. One thing that I want to share with you is that some time ago one of our clients purchased Dynatrace specifically to get JPA/Hibernate query level profiling. Well, Dynatrace doesn't even list their price on the website, which says it all. For you guys to release that feature in 7.1 ... just amazing and very impressive."

Grant Rettke

Principal Software Engineer

"I recently evaluated JProfiler to identify some performance issues in an app I'm working on in my current consulting gig. I had been banging my head against the wall trying to get tools like VisualVM working against the IBM JVMs that the client uses and then I tried JProfiler. With the IDE plugin support it provides, it just worked and in the last day or so, I've been able to easily identify sources for all our major performance problems."

Evan Easton


"What started out as a search for a memory leak and a trial of JProfiler turned out to be the find of a year. Not only did we find our memory leak, we got started in only minutes of setup work, found slow background processes, reduced server costs and tuned our software to make it faster and more responsive. All this in just a week and a free trial. Given the results it seemed obvious we should add JProfiler to our tool chain!"

Gregg D. Harrington, Owner


"Today, we were trying to find a better profiling option than Java VisualVM. Fortunately, we found JProfiler and quickly managed to get our code running twice as fast using a demo version of JProfiler. Your software is awesome!"

Alex Henning

Project Manager

"I am a Yourkit registered user and I tried JProfiler to evaluate the new JPA/Hibernate probe. I began to use JProfiler in my everyday work in no time, the power and the ease of use of JProfiler are impressive. I think I just can't live without it."

Giuseppe Girardelli

Independent Computer Software Professional

"A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a position which is well known to any professional Java developer: my software was simply too slow. After tackling some obvious pain-points, I had to turn to help of a profiler. At the end of the day, I managed to cut the execution time of some processes by 50% and more, by using JProfiler from ej-technologies" (the entire review is available on Zviki Cohen's blog)

Zviki Cohen

Software Architect and Entrepreneur

"To give you a few examples of some of the phenomenal improvements we got with LandlordMax, before we started using JProfiler, we ran a rent roll report that generated 521 pages of rents due (that’s a big database!) in less than 14 minutes. That seemed reasonable to us when you consider the size of the report. This same report now runs on my computer in 12 seconds!!! Yes you read that right, in 12 seconds! When we ran it with JProfiler, the performance bottleneck jumped right out at us. It was not at all where we thought it was, we had been focusing on the wrong area of code. Had we not used JProfiler for this, we could have spent many more hours, possibly days, trying to improve the performance and it would have only been minor, maybe we would have shredded one minute from the total time, nothing like what we achieved." (the entire review is available on Stephane Grenier's blog)

Stephane Grenier, Founder

LandlordMax Software Inc.

"JProfiler: What an amazing, essential tool! How could I ever have lived without it? Dear team, I have been using JProfiler for two days now and it has changed my way of thinking how to develop an application. Not only will I buy a license as soon as the trial expires but will tell *a lot* of fellow developers about it. Also, I want my day-time employer to get this for all of us developers there. I love the amazingly quick and simple integration with my application server. Setup took - say - 1 minute and I could immediately evaluate my application from a much better level (than just assuming things) Thank you for building such a useful, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tool. Very, very, very cool.

Alexis Rondeau, Founder


"I have evaluated lots of Java profilers. Yours is simply FAN-TA-STIC!. I love the 'live' views and auto-updated profiling information. JProfiler is also the only profiling tool to reliably report time spent in JNI calls, which is very valuable in our Java applications which are JNI intensive."

Cyrille Maucci


"I want to pass along some compliments since I always provide the technical questions. JProfiler helped us make our code about 4 times faster. We were discussing how much we like your product last night."

Jeffrey Drew

Trading Metrics, Inc

After evaluating multiple profiling tools, including the other well known programs and some not so well-known ones, only JProfiler enabled us to find the bottlenecks in a reasonable time with a reasonable performance.

Thorsten Göckeler, Senior Software Architect

x-root Software GmbH

"Jive Software conducted a thorough evaluation of Java Profilers. We were very impressed with ej-technologies' JProfiler and selected it as our profiling tool, finding it superior to other Java profilers available in the market today."

Matt Tucker, CTO

Jive Software

"We're very impressed with JProfiler. As well as offering comprehensive functionality, it has a great user interface and is very easy to learn. It is also completely reliable and stable, which is important for professional developers. Overall, it's a very slick product. We choose JProfiler after carefully evaluating several products. I can recommend JProfiler without hesitation as being best choice."

Andy Grove, CTO

CodeFutures Software

"I bought JProfiler because I like its heap profiling much better than other tools. I'm doing a lot of memory intensive statistical model building, and it always surprises me where the memory goes, even though I built the statistical model that pretty well describes how things should go! My hat's also off to your programmers for making it so responsive."

Bob Carpenter, Software Architect


"I would like to say that I am extremely impressed with JProfiler, it is an excellent product. In terms of performance and getting to the bottom of a problem it kicks butt compared to the other products I have tried. I have been using a licensed copy of a competing profiler, in fact I had to buy two licenses so I could remotely profile a highly threaded desktop application I am working on. Even with the profiler running on a second machine it was not up to the task. I also had turned off everything but the memory profiler to get it to sort of work. With JProfiler's performance I am back on a single machine with all profiling options turned on and have already fixed two memory leaks and a performance problem."

Gary Gesmundo

Gesmundo Computing, Inc.

"One of the things that really strikes me about JProfiler is that it's so easy to use. The main window is simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly navigate between the different views on offer. Filters are also very straightforward and provide a way to focus on a specific set of information."

Simon Brown

Java Architect

"JProfiler is an easy to use and nimble product that has helped us drastically reduce the time it takes to locate bottlenecks in our code."

Jason Macauley, Director of Software Development


"We depend on this product as it has shown to be both reliable and innovative. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to other customers. It does a wonderful job of finding bottlenecks in our software."

Choo Loh, Technical Team manager

SuperChoice Services Pty Limited

"I have just evaluated the product, because I work in a company that offers performance testing services, so we have to know how to work with all major tools for evaluating performance problems. I think that JProfiler is an excellent tool, and I will suggest it to all of our clients."

Federico Toledo

CES - Centro de Ensayos de Software