Download perfino

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The download matrix below offers installers and archives for all supported platforms.

Version: 4.0.3


64-bit Windows
Setup Executable with JRE (114 MB)

Supported architectures: x64/AMD64

Supported versions: 10/8/7, Server 2019/2016/2012

DMG Archive with JRE (114 MB)

Supported architectures: x64

Supported versions: 10.11 - 11

Linux / Unix
Setup Executable (71 MB)
TAR.GZ Archive (95 MB)

Supported architectures: x86, x64/AMD64

Installation Notes for TAR-Archives (Linux/Unix)

All files are contained in an enclosing folder named perfino. Unpack the distribution file with

gunzip filename
tar xf filename

Please note that it is not recommended to use the TAR archive for evaluation purposes.

Installation Notes for Linux and Unix

To start the perfino server on the command line, execute


The perfino daemon script is perfino/bin/perfino is linked in /etc/init.d by the installer. You now have to use the runlevel editor of your system tools to start perfino for selected runlevels.

Unattended Installations

To perform an unattended installation, execute the installer with the -q command line argument. More information about unattended installations can be found in the perfino documentation.

How to Upgrade

You may install a new version of perfino on top of an older version. Your configuration will not be lost and database upgrades will be performed automatically.