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The download matrix below offers installers and archives for all supported platforms.

Version: 9.0


exe4j is a Windows launcher generator, that is included for free when you purchase install4j. exe4j is useful if you want to create a Java launcher without an installer.

All license keys for install4j work with exe4j. Standalone licenses are also available.

Without a license key, exe4j can be evaluated without any time limit, but the executables will show evaluation warnings and services will stop after 30 minutes.

64-bit Windows
Setup Executable (79 MB)
ZIP Archive (80 MB)

Supported architectures: x64/AMD64

Supported versions: 11/10/8/7, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012

Windows on ARM
Setup Executable (78 MB)
ZIP Archive (78 MB)

Supported architectures: arm64

Supported versions: 10/11

Attention: The following distributions do not create launchers for the respective platforms. They are intended for developers who want to generate Windows executables on these platforms.

Installation Notes

The wizard and the compiler of exe4j require a Java 11 or Java 17 JRE to run. The generated executables can run with a 1.8 JRE or better.