Privacy Policy

What data is collected?

Forms that collect your personal data on our web site have associated privacy policies that explain in detail why data is collected and what is done with it.

In particular, we collect personal data in contact forms, support forms, in the quote generator and the trial extension forms. Also, when you purchase a license, your personal data is saved in a database.

In addition to the data entered in a form, an anonymized IP address may be collected. Form data may be stored in a database, an email ticketing system and email accounts.

Why is data collected?

The collected data is only used for the indicated purpose and related follow-ups:

  • In contact and support forms, the data is used to follow up on your questions and feedback. We will not send you any marketing emails based on your input in these forms.
  • In the quote generator, the data is used to prepare a quote and send it to you per email. No further emails will be sent based on this interaction.
  • In the trial extension forms, the data is used to send you an evaluation key by email. One follow-up email related to the evaluation and news about major releases with a maximum frequency of once per year may be sent.
  • When you purchase a license through any channel, the licensing email is sent to the email address that you specified during your purchase. One follow-up email related to the purchase and news about new significant releases may be sent. Your order data will be stored indefinitely.
How can I opt-out of email communication?

You can opt out of product-related emails by following the unsubscribe link directly in any email or by using the unsubscribe form. The unsubscribe form will remove you from all mailing lists.

How is data hosted and content delivered?

We use the service “Cloudflare”. The transfer of information between your browser and our website is routed through Cloudflare’s content delivery network network. Cloudflare analyzes traffic between your browser and our website and filters out potentially malicious traffic from the Internet. In doing so, Cloudflare may also use cookies, but these are used solely for the purpose described here.

We have entered into an order processing agreement with Cloudflare. Cloudflare is also a certified participant of the “EU-US Privacy Shield Framework”. Cloudflare has committed to handling all personal data received from European Union (EU) member states in accordance with the “Privacy Shield Framework”. The use of Cloudflare is based on our legitimate interest in providing our website as error-free and secure as possible (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). You can find more information about security and data protection at Cloudflare here:

How long is the data stored?

The data is stored indefinitely unless you ask us to delete your data. Contact [email protected] with any requests for deleting personal data.

What tracking mechanisms are used?

Our website does not use 3rd party tracking mechanism. For our own marketing purposes we track if a click from an external advertisement leads to a download. This is done with a session cookie that is discarded when the browser session is terminated. Only aggregate data is store without any reference to personal information.

We also use cookies to manage state while you are using our web site, for example in the multi-page steps of the trial extension or the quote generation. These cookies are not used to track multiple visits to our web site.

How secure is the data?

Data is only transmitted through SSL-encrypted connections. It is stored in computer systems that are controlled by ej-technologies GmbH and protected by security mechanisms that conform to the industry standard.