Requirements for monitored VMs

perfino can monitor all HotSpot JVMs such as the Oracle HotSpot JVMs and HotSpot based OpenJDK distributions.

The supported JVM versions are:

  • Java 6 - 14
Requirements for full VM sampling

The "Record fine-grained CPU data in profiling mode" action uses native libraries that are available for the following platforms:

OS 32-bit JVMs 64-bit JVMs
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2019/2016/2012
macOS X 10.11 - 11
Linux x86
Solaris SPARC
Solaris x86
Requirements for profiling

The "Detach for JProfiler" action in perfino uses the native JProfiler libraries of a separate JProfiler installation. The platform requirements in that case are the same as those of JProfiler.

Requirements for the perfino server

The perfino server requires a Java 8 runtime environment. On Windows and macOS, a JRE is bundled in the installer. On Linux and Unix, you have to install Java 8 before installing the perfino server.