Licensing FAQ

I want to monitor N JVMs. How many licenses do I need?
You only need one product key.
I want to set up different perfino server installations for different applications or staging environments. How many licenses do I need?
You need one product key for each perfino installation.
What happens when my evaluation key expires?
The perfino server will continue to run, but all connected JVMs in perfino will be displayed without any recorded data and a name prefix of [UNLICENSED]. As soon as you add a permanent license key in the perfino UI, monitoring will start again for all VMs.
How can I try out my monitoring configuration?
The free development license is intended for that purpose. You can choose this installation type in the installation wizard. Such an installation must not be used for business purposes.
Are there any platform restrictions?
No, perfino can be used on any platform where a HotSpot VM is available.
Can I redistribute the monitoring agent?
Yes, you can redistribute the perfino monitoring agent, so you can monitor VMs that are running in third party locations. The perfino API is also redistributable.
What upgrades will I get?
Minor upgrades are always free. A major upgrade is free of charge when it is released during the support period (60 days for a standard license, 1 year for a support package).