Licensing FAQ

What are the restrictions of the per-developer license?
You can install JProfiler on as many machines as you wish as long as it is ensured that only you have access to the installations. If two developers might be using JProfiler, you need two licenses, even if on the same machine.
Are there any platform restrictions?
No, with JProfiler there are no restriction as to what platforms you can use it with. Once you have purchased a JProfiler license, you can use it under all supported platforms.
What upgrades will I get?
Minor upgrades are always free. A major upgrade is free of charge when it is released during the support period (60 days for a standard license, 1 year for a support package).
What is a floating license?
With floating licenses, a maximum number of users will be able to run JProfiler at a time. If, for example, you have purchased two floating licenses, all developers in your organization can run JProfiler from their computers, but only two at a time.
How do floating licenses work?
You can choose between an on-premises license server that you have to install yourself and a web license service that is hosted by ej-technologies and requires no further configuration. The web license service is the default. If you would like to switch to the on-premises license service, please contact us after the purchase and we will convert the key for you.

After purchasing a floating license, you will receive the download link for a license server that you have to run in order to be able to use JProfiler on your network. All JProfiler installations must have network access to this license server. The license server is a pure Java application and requires a 1.8 JRE or higher. There are installers and archives for Windows, macOS and Linux/Unix. On Windows and macOS the JRE is bundled with the installer.
I would prefer a per-machine license
Per machine licensing is also possible. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.