Licensing FAQ

What are the restrictions of the per-developer license?
You can install exe4j on as many machines as you wish as long as it is ensured that only you have access to the installations. If two developers might be using exe4j, you need two licenses, even if on the same machine.
What is the advantage of a site license?
With a site license, an arbitrary number of developers on a single development site can install and use exe4j.
Are there any restrictions for the distribution of executables?
No, there are no restrictions or royalties for the distribution of generated executables.
What upgrades will I get?
Minor upgrades are always free. A major upgrade is free of charge when it is released during the support period (60 days for a standard license, 1 year for a support package).
I would prefer a per-machine license
Per machine licensing is also possible. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.