Install4j Command Line Compiler

install4j's command line compiler install4jc[.exe] can be found in the bin directory of your install4j installation. It operates on project files with extension .install4j that have been produced with the install4j IDE. (install4j[.exe]). The install4j command line compiler is invoked as follows:

install4jc [OPTIONS] [config file]

A quick help for all options is printed to the terminal when invoking

install4jc --help

In order to facilitate usage of install4jc with automated build processes, the destination directory for the media files and the application version can be overridden with command line options. Furthermore you can achieve internationalization and powerful customizations with compiler variables. As a last resort, since the file format of install4j's config files is xml-based, you can achieve arbitrary customizations by replacing tokens or by applying XSLT stylesheets to the config file.

Options for the install4j command line compiler

The command line compiler has the following options: