Thread Profiling Options

  On this tab of the profiling settings dialog, you can adjust all options related to thread profiling. These settings influence the detail level of thread profiling data and the profiling overhead.
  The following options are available:
  • Monitors
    if you are not interested in monitor contention events, you can switch data collection off by deselecting the Enable monitor recording check box. This lowers the memory consumption of the profiled application. If monitor contention views are enabled, the following settings govern the level of detail for the monitor contention views:
    • Record java.util.concurrent events
      JProfiler can insert itself into the locking facility in the java.util.concurrent package which does not use monitors of objects but a different natively implemented mechanism. If you do not wish to see this information, you can deselect this check box.
  • Thread filter
    By default, JProfiler does not show system threads where no user code can ever run. If you would like to see all threads, please select the Show system threads check box.