Miscellaneous Options

  On this tab of the profiling settings dialog, you can adjust uncategorized options for profiling.
  The following options are available:
  • Dynamic views
    Many views in JProfiler update their data automatically. There are several options for configuring the update behavior of those dynamic views:
    • Transmission periods
      Based on the varying degree of computing expenses required for the different views, the transmission periods for the dynamic views have been split into two separate settings:

      To update any dynamic view in between two regular updates, you can click on the  refresh icon in the status bar.

  • Console Settings

    JProfiler displays a console for locally launched programs. This includes application sessions, applets, web start applications and remote sessions with a configured start command.

    JProfiler offers two types of consoles:

    • Java Console
      This is a cross-platform console, that supports text input, sending an interrupt signal with CTRL-D to the profiled application, text selection and clipboard operations. For the Java console you can set the following options:
      • Buffer size
        The number of most recent lines of output that are held by the console. Default is 1000.
      • Window size
        The initial size (width x height) of the console in characters. Note that the console does not wrap text. Default is 80 x 25.
      This console integrates with JProfiler's Window menu.
    • Native Console
      On Microsoft Windows, you also have the option to use the native console. This console does not integrate with JProfiler's Window menu.

  • Profiling agent debug parameters

    Here you can enter debugging parameters that can be passed to the profiling agent on the command line. This text box is not visible for remote sessions, since you have to add those parameters to the start script yourself in that case.