JProfiler's Start Center

  When JProfiler is started, the start center window appears. The start center is composed of four tabs:
  • Open Session
    All sessions configured by you or the pre-configured demo sessions can be started by double clicking on a session or by selecting a session and clicking [OK] at the bottom of the start center. In addition, sessions can be edited, copied or deleted by using the buttons on the right hand side of the dialog or by invoking the context menu.
  • Quick Attach
    Use the "Quick Attach" tab to profile a JVM that is already running. After the session is finished, JProfiler will ask you whether you want to save the session permanently. The option "On another computer" on that tab will help you to use the "jpenable" command line tool to prepare a remote JVM for profiling.
  • New Session
    Sessions can be created in several ways:
    • By manual configuration
      Use the [New Session] button to manually configure a new session. After you finish configuring your session, it will be started.
    • Through an integration wizard
      Use the [New server integration] button to invoke the integration wizard selector. The [New remote integration] and [New applet integration] buttons are convenience shortcuts. After you finish configuring your session, you can either start the session immediately or the "open session" tab will be displayed with the new session selected.
  • Open Snapshot
    Previously saved sessions can be opened from this tab by selecting Open a single saved snapshot and selecting the desired *.jps file. Also, you can select "Compare multiple snapshots" to create snapshot comparisons.
When you choose not to open a profiling session for an empty window and exit the start center by clicking the [Cancel] button, all of JProfiler's views are disabled and only the general settings (Session->General Settings) and the Session and Help menus are enabled.
  The start center can be invoked at any later time
  • by choosing Session->Start Center or clicking on the corresponding  toolbar button.

    If a session is currently active upon opening a session, it will be stopped after a confirmation dialog and the new session will replace all profiling data of the old session.

  • by choosing Session->New Window. A new main window of JProfiler will be opened, other active sessions will not be affected.