Application Server Integration

  JProfiler's application server integration wizard makes profiling application servers especially easy. It can be invoked in one of two ways:
  • from the start center on the "new session" tab.
  • by selecting Session->New Server Integration from JProfiler's main menu.

During the first step of the wizard you are asked to specify the product which is to be integrated. The second step asks you whether the profiled application or application server is running on the local computer or on a remote machine. In the third step you choose the desired startup mode which is one of "Wait for connection", "Startup immediately" and "Offline profiling". The "Wait for connection" is recommended at first. Only choose the other modes later on once you are familiar with JProfiler.

The subsequent steps depend on this choice. Please follow the instructions presented by the wizard.

If you miss support for a particular product, please don't hesitate to contact us through the support request form

  If no GUI is available on the remote machine you can use the jpintegrate executable in the bin directory for the console integration wizard.

The console integration wizard will create a config file that can be imported in a JProfiler GUI installation to connect zo the profiled application server without any further configuration.