Introduction To JProfiler

What is JProfiler?

JProfiler is a professional tool for analyzing what is going on inside a running JVM. You can use it in development, for quality assurance and for firefighting missions when your production system experiences problems.

There are four main topics that JProfiler deals with:

JProfiler's UI is delivered as a desktop application. You can interactively profile a live JVM or profile automatically without using the UI. Profiling data is persisted in snapshots that can be opened with the JProfiler UI. In addition, command line tools and build tool integrations help you with automating profiling sessions.

How do I continue?

This documentation is intended to be read in sequence, with later help topics building on the content of previous ones.

First, a technical overview over the architecture will help you to understand how profiling works.

The help topics on installing JProfiler and profiling JVMs will get you up and running.

Following that, the discussion of data recording and snapshots take you to a level of understanding where you can explore JProfiler on your own.

Subsequent chapters build your expertise with respect to different functionality in JProfiler. The sections at the end are optional readings that should be consulted if you need certain features.

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