JProfiler IDE Integrations

  JProfiler can be integrated into the IDEs listed here. Installation is done either
  • Automatically (recommended)
    Select Session->IDE Integrations from JProfiler's main menu or go to the IDE integrations tab in the general settings dialog. Now select the desired IDE from the drop down list, click on [Integrate] and follow the instructions.
  • Manually
    The directory integrations in the JProfiler install directory holds a number of archives which can be used for manually integrating JProfiler with any of the supported IDEs. See the file README.txt in the above directory for detailed instructions.

After completing the instructions, you can invoke JProfiler from the integrated IDE without having to specify class path, main class, working directory, used JVM and other options again.

  All integrations insert toolbar buttons and menu entries into the respective IDE that run the application in the IDE with profiling enabled. On Windows and macOS, the IDE reuses an already running instance of JProfiler to present profiling data. If JProfiler is not running, it will be started automatically.

Navigation to source code from JProfiler will be performed in the IDE, i.e. if you choose the "Show source" action for a class or a method, it will be displayed in the IDE and not in JProfiler's integrated source code viewer.