File Wizard: Select Files

  In this step of the file wizard, you select the files that should be added to the distribution tree. This step is only shown if you select "Single files" in the first step.
  To edit the list of files you can
  • add a new entry by clicking on the right side of the window. If you choose "Browse for file" in the popup menu, you can select one or multiple files in a file chooser. If you choose "Manual entry", you can also use compiler variables.
  • copy a file list from the system clipboard by clicking on the right side of the window. The file list must consist of
    • a single file entry
    • multiple file entries separated by the standard path separator (";" on Windows, ":" on Unix) or by line breaks.

    Each file entry can be

    • absolute
      The file entry is added as it is.
    • relative
      On the first occurrence of a relative path, install4j brings up a directory chooser and asks for the root directory against which relative paths should be interpreted. All subsequent relative paths will be interpreted against this root directory.

    Only unique file entries will be added to the list. If no new file entry could be found, a corresponding error message is displayed.

  • remove an existing file entry by using the  Remove action while the file is selected.
  • change the position of an existing entry by using the  Move Up and  Move Down actions.