Class WindowInfo


public class WindowInfo extends Object
Collection of methods to retrieve information about windows on Microsoft Windows.
  • Method Details

    • getTopLevelWindows

      public static Collection<WindowInfo> getTopLevelWindows(long processId)
      Returns all visible top level windows of the process with the supplied process id.
      processId - the process id
      the top level windows or an empty list if the process does not exist.
    • isTabletMode

      public static boolean isTabletMode()
      Checks if Windows 10 is currently used in tablet mode.
      true if tablet mode is activated
    • waitForMaximizableWindow

      public static boolean waitForMaximizableWindow(File executablePath, long timeout, TimeUnit unit)
      Wait until a process with the given path displays a maximizable window. When Windows is in tablet mode you can use this method to delay termination of an update downloader until a subsequently started installer can be displayed in full screen mode.
      executablePath - the executable path
      timeout - a timeout value or 0 if no timeout should occur
      unit - the unit of the timeout value
      true if a process with the given executable path was found that displays a maximizable window within the timeout period, false otherwise.
    • getHwnd

      public long getHwnd()
      Returns the window handle.
      the window handle
    • getStyle

      public int getStyle()
      Returns the window style. This is the style int retrieved with GetWindowLongPtr and GWL_STYLE.
      the style
    • getClassName

      public String getClassName()
      Returns the window class name.
      the class name
    • getWindowTitle

      public String getWindowTitle()
      Returns the window title.
      the title
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object