Package com.install4j.api

package com.install4j.api
This package contains general utility classes for the install4j API.

See the API overview for general remarks on how to use the install4j API.

The Util class contains many methods that are useful for expression/script properties as well as in the context of developing extensions for install4j.

  • Class
    The class provides information about applications installed with install4j.
    Provides information about an application installed by install4j.
    With this class, you can retrieve the installed JVMs on Windows, Linux and Unix systems.
    The interface providing information about a JVM.
    Represents a running process on Windows and macOS.
    Support class for old-style enums that work with Java 1.4 and are serializable.
    Provides information about services created with install4j.
    The class contains utility functions to get information about the current system that is not available via the Java API.
    This class contains methods that deal with global properties of the installer application GUI.
    The class contains various utility functions to be used by script properties, custom actions and custom screens.