Package com.install4j.api.formcomponents

package com.install4j.api.formcomponents
This package contains the interface and abstract base class for form components.

See the API overview for general remarks on how to use the install4j API.

The FormComponent interface contains all methods that have to be implemented by an actual form component. Form components can access other form components on the same screen via the FormEnvironment interface.

When you develop your own form components, it is recommended that you extend the abstract base class in this package rather than implement the interface itself.

  • Class
    Abstract base class for form components.
    Represents the created GUI components for a form component.
    All form components must implement this interface.
    The form environment gives access to form components in a form panel as well as to other design time or runtime services related to form components.
    Type of a layout group.
    Represents a layout group for form components.