Class LocalizedExternalFile

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public class LocalizedExternalFile extends Object implements Serializable
Container for a set of localized files that represent a single ExternalFile with textual content. If you want the user to be able to specify localized versions of a text file for a single property, you can declare the property to be of type LocalizedExternalFile. Important: you have to initialize the field with an instance rather than leave it to be null.

In the install4j IDE, the user will be presented with a dialog that allows file selection for all installer languages that are configured on the General Settings->Languages tab. At runtime, call Context.getExternalFile(LocalizedExternalFile, boolean) to get the actual file for further use in your bean implementation.

In your bean info, use the FilePropertyDescriptor class to register the property. All attributes of FilePropertyDescriptor are supported for LocalizedExternalFile.

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      public LocalizedExternalFile()
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