Class ExternalFile

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<File>

public class ExternalFile extends File
Property type for files from outside the distribution tree to be used in beans. Properties of type refer to files in the distribution tree. For these properties, in the install4j GUI a distribution file chooser will be shown that offers only files that were configured in the "Files" section of the install4j GUI.

If you use ExternalFile as the property type, the install4j GUI will show a regular file chooser for the property that lets you select files from arbitrary locations. The selected file will be packaged with the installer during the compilation phase. The name of the file is changed to to a unique name during the compilation. It will be available in a temporary directory when the installer or uninstaller is started and extracted to the .install4j directory in the installation directory by the "Install files" action.

Note:At runtime, you have to call Context.getExternalFile to transform the property to an absolute file.

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    • ExternalFile

      public ExternalFile(String pathname)
      The constructor will be invoked by the framework.
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      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class File
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      public boolean exists()
      exists in class File