Class Tracker View

  The class tracker view can contain an arbitrary number of graphs that show instances of selected classes and packages versus time.

In order to start tracking classes, you have to click on the  record toolbar button or choose View->Record Class Tracker Data from JProfiler's main menu.

Before class tracking is started, the class tracker options dialog is shown. The selected classes and packages are shown in a combo box, the object type (all objects or recorded objects) and liveness mode (for recorded objects only) selections are shown at the top of the class tracker view.

After class tracking is started, the record button becomes a  stop button that allows to to end recording for all feeds.

  Data display and zoom controls are equivalent to those in the VM telemetry views. Always one class or package is displayed as a graph (a single "feed"), the combo box above the graph allows you to switch between the recorded classes and packages. With the  add and  remove buttons you can add and remove classes and package recordings without disrupting the recording of other feeds. The graph for each feed always starts at the point in time when a feed has been added. When you remove a feed, all associated data is deleted.

Stopping class tracking and re-starting it again at a later point does not delete previously recorded data unless the object type or liveness mode (for recorded objects) are changed.

  The selection of classes and packages for the class tracker as well as the selected object type (all objects or recorded objects) and liveness type is persistent for a session, across restarts of JProfiler.