All Objects View Settings Dialog

  The all objects view settings dialog is accessed by bringing the all objects to front and choosing View->View Settings from JProfiler's main menu or clicking on the corresponding  toolbar button.
  You can select a size scale mode for all displayed sizes:
  • Automatic
    Depending on the size value, it's displayed in MB, kB or bytes, in such a way that 3 significant digits are retained.
  • Megabytes (MB)
  • Kilobytes (kB
  • Bytes
  The primary measure defines which measurement will be shown in the second column of the all objects view. That column shows its values graphically with a histogram, is the default sort column and is used for the difference column. By default, the primary measure is the instance count. Alternatively, you can work with the shallow size, which is especially useful if you're looking at arrays.
  The sorting of the difference column can be toggled between absolute value ordering or normal ordering.