Trigger Wizard

  The trigger wizard is shown when you add a new trigger or when you edit an existing trigger in the trigger section of the session settings.

The trigger wizard is also shown, when adding or editing triggers in the trigger settings or when adding a trigger from a view that displays single methods.

  The first step of the trigger wizard lets you choose the event type from the list of available trigger event types.

The following steps in the wizard depend on this selection. Note that you can click with the mouse on the index to quickly jump to a different step. This is especially useful when editing triggers.

  After the event-specific steps in the wizard, you can configure the actions that should take place when the trigger event occurs. JProfiler offers a fixed set of available actions. The actions are configured directly in the list, the options associated with an action are shown when the action is selected.

Actions are executed when the event occurs. For events that have a duration, such as the method invocation event or the threshold events, you can use the  "Wait for the event to finish" action to separate actions that should be executed when the events starts from actions that should be executed when the event finishes.

  In the list of configured triggers, each trigger is represented by the trigger type and a short summary of its most important parameters. If you have multiple triggers of the same type, this might not be distinctive enough. On the "Description" step, you can configure a name that is displayed in the list of triggers instead of the parameter summary.
  You can enable and disable groups of triggers in a live session. To group triggers for this feature, the "Group ID" step allows you to optionally assign a group ID to each trigger.