Config Synchronization Options Dialog

  This dialog is displayed when clicking on [config synchronization options] in the application settings dialog of a remote session.

Note: These settings are only relevant if you are profiling a 1.5 JVM or an IBM JVM, and you have specified the nowait option for the -agentpath... VM parameter. In that case, the config file needs to be synchronized on the remote computer when the profiling settings are changed.

  There are 3 possible actions when the config file has to by synchronized:
  • Manual synchronization
    Nothing is done, you have to copy the config file yourself if you want the new settings to become active for the next profiling run.
  • Copy with SSH to remote directory
    This mode is only available, if the session connects to a remote machine via SSH. The config file is copied via SSH to the specified directory on the remote machine.
  • Copy to directory
    The config file is copied to the specified directory. You can use the [...] chooser button to select the directory with a file chooser.
  • Execute command

    The specified command is executed. For example you could invoke ssh to copy the config file to a remote computer.

    No terminal window is shown during the execution. If you have to show a terminal window on Windows, you can use

          cmd.exe /C "start /WAIT cmd.exe /C [your command here]"

Please note that in all cases the profiled JVM has to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

To effect the synchronization of the config file directly from the dialog, a [Synchronize config file now] button is provided in the dialog. In addition, the synchronization is triggered whenever you change the profiling settings.