Interface LookAndFeelHandler

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    public interface LookAndFeelHandler
    extends LookAndFeelEnhancer
    A look and feel handler can apply a look and feel. An implementation of this class together with its dependencies can be added on the "Installer->Custom Code & Resources" step and can then be configured on the "Installer->Look & Feel" step.

    The super-interface LookAndFeelEnhancer contains a number of methods with default implementations that can be overridden in order to customize certain aspects of creating the UI.

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      • applyLookAndFeel

        void applyLookAndFeel​(boolean darkDesktop)
                       throws java.lang.Exception
        Called when the installer application is ready to apply the look and feel.
        darkDesktop - if the desktop is detected to be in dark mode. This auto-detection is implemented for Windows 10 and macOS.