Media File Wizards

  The media file wizard is displayed when you add a new media file or when you edit an exiting media file. To learn more information about the various media file types, please see the overview.
  The media file wizards show a number of steps which depend on the media file type. Common steps are:
  • Platform
    Choose the media file type.
  • Installer options
    Define options for the installer.
  • Data files
    Specify where the installer data should be placed. Not displayed for archives.
  • Bundled JRE
    Decide if and how a JRE should be bundled with the installer. Not displayed for macOS media file types.
  • Customize project defaults
    A number of project settings can be customized on a per-media file basis.
  In addition, there are a number of steps that depend on the media file type: