Configuring Layout Groups

Layout groups can be configured in the form components configuration dialog. This chapter discusses the configuration options for layout groups, for more information on layout groups, see the corresponding help topic.

You can create a layout group from selected form components with the  Create Horizontal Group and  Create Vertical Group actions. The new group will be inserted in place of the selected elements.

You can dissolve a group with the Dissolve Group action. This action is only enabled if the selection consists of a single layout group. The elements contained in the group will be inserted in place of the group. Nested groups will not be dissolved.

Grouping features

Form components can be grouped in horizontal and vertical layout groups and you can nest groups to an arbitrary depth.

Grouping offers the following benefits:

Properties of layout groups

Common properties of horizontal and vertical layout groups are:

Vertical layout groups have the additional properties:

and horizontal layout groups have the following specific properties:

Tabbed panes

In addition to horizontal and vertical layout groups, you can add tabbed panes to a form. A tabbed pane is added by choosing Tabbed Panes->Add Tabbed Pane from the dropdown menu displayed by the  Add button. Below the tabbed pane, you have to add one or more single tabs by choosing Tabbed Panes->Add Single Tab For Tabbed Pane. Each single tab can then contain arbitrary form components or layout groups.