Interface FormPanelContainer

public interface FormPanelContainer
Any screen can have a form panel, just like the "Additional confirmations" screen or the "Configurable form" screen. In the install4j GUI, the user can configure form components for screens that implement this interface. The framework will then pass a form panel to the screen by calling setFormPanel.
  • Method Details

    • setFormPanel

      void setFormPanel(JPanel panel, FormEnvironment formEnvironment)
      This method is called by the framework to pass the form panel to this screen. It is your responsibility to display the form panel somewhere on this screen. For console mode, you have to call formEnvironment.handleConsole(console) at some point in the handleConsole method of this screen.
      panel - the form panel
      formEnvironment - the form environment
    • isScrollFormPanel

      boolean isScrollFormPanel()
      Determine if the form panel should be wrapped in a scroll pane. This influences the behavior of form components which can grow vertically, such as the text area form component. If no scroll panel is added, those components can claim the remaining vertical space in the form panel.
      whether a scroll panel should be used for the form panel or not
    • getFormEnvironment

      FormEnvironment getFormEnvironment()
      Returns the form environment that was set with setFormPanel(JPanel, FormEnvironment) . This is useful for making changes on a form screen in scripts from another screen or action.
      the form environment