Class MacProcesses


public class MacProcesses extends Object
Collection of static methods to check for running processes on macOS and terminate them.
  • Constructor Details

    • MacProcesses

      public MacProcesses()
  • Method Details

    • getRunningProcesses

      public static MacProcesses.Info[] getRunningProcesses()
      Get a list of all running processes the installer can see.
      info objects with module name, process id and further information
    • terminateProcesses

      public static boolean terminateProcesses(int[] processIds, boolean force, int timeout)
      Tries to close the processes with the given ids by sending a VM_CLOSE message to all visible top-level windows.
      processIds - the processes to terminate
      force - if the process should be killed with kill -9
      timeout - the maximum time to wait for the processes to terminate after the message has been sent in milliseconds. The minimum time is 400 ms regardless of a lower setting.
      true if all processes have been terminated.
    • areInstalledLaunchersRunning

      public static boolean areInstalledLaunchersRunning()
      Determine if any of the installed launchers are currently running. All launchers in the currently set installation directory are checked. The "Install Files" action performs this check by default and warns the user that processes are running. With this method you can check for this condition earlier in your installer.
      true or false.