Interface ApplicationLauncher.Callback

Enclosing class:

public static interface ApplicationLauncher.Callback
You can implement this interface to receive notifications when the installer application exits or needs to shut down your application.
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  • Method Details

    • exited

      void exited(int exitValue)
      Invoked when the installer application has exited.
      exitValue - the exit value of installer application
    • prepareShutdown

      void prepareShutdown()
      Invoked before the installer application shuts down this JVM. This happens when a "Shutdown calling launcher" action is executed in the installer application.
    • createProgressListener

      default ApplicationLauncher.ProgressListener createProgressListener()
      Override this method and return an instance of ApplicationLauncher.ProgressListener to receive progress information from the installer application. This is implemented on Windows, macOS and Linux. On other Unix variants it is unsupported and can be switched on by setting the system property install4j.forceProgressListener=true.