Class InstallerActionEvent

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public class InstallerActionEvent extends InstallerEvent
The event object that is passed to installer event listeners after an action has been executed. Event listeners are registered in the InstallerContext.

This event object contains additional information about the duration of the action.

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  • Constructor Details

    • InstallerActionEvent

      public InstallerActionEvent(Object source, Context context, EventType type, boolean success, String actionId, long duration, Exception exception, List<String> log)
      The constructor is called by the framework.
      source - the event source
      context - the context
      type - the event type.
      success - whether the operation associated with the event was successful
      actionId - the ID of the action
      duration - the duration in milliseconds
      exception - the exception if the action terminated abnormally or null
      log - the log output produced by the action
  • Method Details

    • getActionId

      public String getActionId()
      Returns the ID of the action.
      the ID
    • getException

      public Exception getException()
      The exception if the action terminated abnormally or null.
      the ID
    • getLog

      public List<String> getLog()
      Returns the log output produced by the action
      a list of single log outputs
    • getDuration

      public long getDuration()
      Returns the duration of the action in milliseconds
      the duration in milliseconds
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class InstallerEvent
    • getVerbose

      public String getVerbose()
      Description copied from class: InstallerEvent
      Return a verbose description of this event.
      getVerbose in class InstallerEvent
      the description