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public interface UnattendedProgressInterface extends ProgressInterface
The user notification interface during unattended installations. By default, no progress information is shown during unattended installations. For each installer application, you can set the "Progress interface creation" script property in order to provide your own means of displaying progress information. For example, you might want to go to full-screen mode during update installers on dedicated special-purpose computers.

This class adds a few methods to the default ProgressInterface interface that are only relevant in unattended mode.

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  • Method Details

    • setVisible

      void setVisible(boolean visible)
      Called when the progress interface is created and destroyed. At startup, this method is called with a parameter of true, at exit it is called with a parameter of false. You should use this method for the lif-cycle of a window or similar resources.
      visible - true at startup and false at exit
    • setCancelButtonEnabled

      void setCancelButtonEnabled(boolean enabled)
      Called if the cancel button is enabled or disabled.
      enabled - true or false
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    • setCancelButtonVisible

      void setCancelButtonVisible(boolean visible)
      Called if the cancel button is made visible or invisible.
      visible - true or false
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    • isAskForProxy

      @Deprecated default boolean isAskForProxy()