Class ScriptParameter


public class ScriptParameter extends Object
Descriptor for script parameters of script properties defined with a ScriptPropertyDescriptor.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ScriptParameter

      public ScriptParameter(String parameterName, Class parameterClass)
      Create a script parameter.
      parameterName - the parameter name
      parameterClass - the parameter class
    • ScriptParameter

      public ScriptParameter(String parameterName, ParameterizedType parameterizedType)
      Create a script parameter with a generic type. Getting a concrete generic type requires some work, for example to get a type for List<String>, you define a helper interface
         private interface StringList extends List<String[]> {}
      and query the generic super-interface to get the desired generic type:
      parameterName - the parameter name
      parameterizedType - the parameter type
  • Method Details

    • getParameterName

      public String getParameterName()
      Get the parameter name
      the name
    • getParameterClass

      public Class getParameterClass()
      Get the parameter class. If the script parameter has been created with a parameterized type, this returns the raw type.
      the class
    • getParameterType

      public Type getParameterType()
      Get the parameter type
      the type