Class ScreenBeanInfo

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public class ScreenBeanInfo extends Install4JBeanInfo
Base class for screen bean infos.

Using this class is not strictly required. In principle, you could also set values for the ATTRIBUTE_* constants in the bean descriptor of an unrelated bean info class.

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    • setDefaultQuitAfterScreen

      public void setDefaultQuitAfterScreen(boolean defaultQuitAfterScreen)
      Configures the default value of the "Quit after screen" property of the screen.
      defaultQuitAfterScreen - the default value
    • setFormComponentCustomizerPlacement

      @Deprecated public void setFormComponentCustomizerPlacement(CustomizerPlacement customizerPlacement)
      no longer used
    • setAssociatedAction

      public void setAssociatedAction(String actionClassName, String targetScreenClassName)
      Configures an associated action. If set, and the user adds the action, the install4j GUI checks if an instance of the specified action is present in the list of configured actions on any screen. If not, it will remind the user to add such an action or propose to add the action immediately, depending on whether targetScreenClassName is null.
      actionClassName - the class of the associated action
      targetScreenClassName - the target screen. If non-null, the install4j GUI will propose to add the associated action to the target screen if it cannot already be found on any screen.
    • setDefaultStyleName

      public void setDefaultStyleName(String defaultStyleName)
      Sets a default style name. If set, the install4j GUI checks if a style with the corresponding name is available and sets that style for the screen.
      defaultStyleName - the default style name
    • setDefaultPreActivationScript

      public void setDefaultPreActivationScript(String defaultPreActivationScript)
      Configures the default value for the "Pre-activation script" property of the bean.
      defaultPreActivationScript - the default value
      See Also:
    • setDefaultPostActivationScript

      public void setDefaultPostActivationScript(String defaultPostActivationScript)
      Configures the default value for the "Post-activation script" property of the bean.
      defaultPostActivationScript - the default value
      See Also: