Interface EnumerationMapper

public interface EnumerationMapper
Interface for mapping values and descriptions of enumerated properties. Instances of this class can be registered with Install4JBeanInfo.setEnumerationMappers(EnumerationMapper[]). In the install4j GUI, an enumerated property will be displayed with the enumeration entry name that corresponds to the object value of the property and the user can choose a value from a drop-down list.

This class is not needed for displaying java enums, which are automatically presented with a drop-down list, displaying the result of the invocation of their toString() methods.

In concept, this class is similar to the PropertyConverter class.

  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getEnumerationClass

      Class getEnumerationClass()
      Return the property type for which this enumeration mapper is eligible. The objects in the @{EnumerationMapEntry} returned by getEnumerationMapEntries() must be of this type.
      the class of the enumerated property
    • getEnumerationMapEntries

      EnumerationMapEntry[] getEnumerationMapEntries()
      Defines the enumeration.
      the enumeration map entries
    • getContext

      String getContext()
      The property descriptor of an enumerated property must have a non-null context that corresponds to the return value of this method. In this way the runtime knows that this enumeration mapper should be used for displaying and editing properties. The context must not be globally unique, enumeration mappers of other property types can use the same context value.

      For classes that do not have default handlers in install4j, the enumeration mapper will also be used if this method returns DEFAULT_CONTEXT, the getEnumerationClass() method returns the class of the property and the context of the property is not set. However, it is safer not to rely on that behavior.

      the context that will be used by the enumerated properties