With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user-configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE.

The following third party extensions for install4j are available:

Extension Description
PDF Viewer A cross-platform action to show PDF files in an external window and a screen to show PDF files directly in the installer. Does not require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed.

This extension is bundled with install4j.
Maven 3 plugin A plugin that provides Maven 3 integration with install4j.
Google analytics actions Action that integrate Google Analytics tracking into your installer.
SLF4J for install4j A logger implementation for the SLF4J logging framework that delegates to the install4j logger.
SBT plugin An SBT plugin for building installers with install4j
If you have an extension for install4j that you would like to see listed here, please contact us.