install4j comes in two editions, the Multi-Platform Edition and the Windows Edition.

Features of the Multi-Platform Edition

Please see the feature list to get a comprehensive summary of the capabilities of install4j Multi-Platform Edition.

Features of the Windows Edition

  • Only create media files for Microsoft Windows
    Only the "Windows installer" and the "Windows archive" media file types can be generated with the Windows Edition. Other media file types cannot be created or built. However, their definitions are kept in the project if they were defined with the Multi-Platform Edition.
  • All other features are supported
    Aside from the restriction on the media file types, no other features are missing the Windows Edition.
  • Build Windows media files on other platforms
    With the Windows Edition, you can build your Windows media files on all other supported platforms, such as Linux or macOS.
  • There is only one download for install4j
  • The edition is determined by the license key
  • You can upgrade from the Windows Edition to the Multi-Platform Edition later on
    (see the online shop)
  • Evaluation keys for both Windows Edition and the Multi-Platform Edition are available
    (see the download section)