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Cumulating and filtering monitor events

In the screencast below, I explain how monitor events in the locking history graph can be cumulated and how you can select monitors and threads of interest.


Locking graphs in JProfiler

In the screencast below, I present some of the features in the locking graphs that have been introduced in JProfiler 6.


The test class that is profiled in this screen cast is given below:

public class MonitorTest {

// The only monitor that all threads are blocking or waiting on
private static final MonitorTest monitor = new MonitorTest();

public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {

// All threads execute this runnable, each thread acquires the
// monitor, works for 3 seconds and then waits on the monitor
Runnable runnable = new Runnable() {
public void run() {
synchronized (monitor) {
try {
// Instead of doing any real work, the thread just
// sleeps for 3 second
} catch (InterruptedException e) {


// 3 threads are started with an offset of 500 ms
new Thread(runnable, "Test Thread 1").start();
new Thread(runnable, "Test Thread 2").start();
new Thread(runnable, "Test Thread 3").start();

// After 20 seconds, all threads are woken up and the test class
// terminates
synchronized (monitor) {

Allocation recording explained

In the screencast below, I explain allocation recording in the dynamic memory views in JProfiler.


Thread states in the CPU profiling views

In the screencast below, I explain the thread status selector and the different threads states in the CPU profiling views.


Overview of profiling views and profiling settings

We now have a list of screencasts for JProfiler on our web site that is generated from this blog. In order to include the older demos (without audio) into that list, I post them below:

  • Overview of profiling views in JProfiler See a brief overview of the most important profiling views in JProfiler. Some important functionality is shown to give you an idea on how JProfiler works.
  • Getting started and session settings See how easy it is to get started with profiling. Important aspects of the session configuration like profiling settings, triggers and method call recording filters are shown.

Both demos take about 7 minutes and open in a new window. The were recorded for JProfiler 5.0 but are still quite accurate for JProfiler 5.2.

JProfiler’s IDE integrations

In the screencast below, I explain the benefits and the usage of JProfiler’s IDE integrations.